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The Shelburne Police Service regularly seizes or recovers property for which the lawful owner cannot be determined or the items are unclaimed.

Previously, this merchandise was sold off through scheduled auctions held locally.

In conjunction with Police Auctions Canada, the Shelburne Police Service has joined with the Halton, Hamilton and Toronto Police Services to move our auctions onto web-based bidding through eBay.  Now you can bid from the comfort of your home, and have access to a wider variety of items. 

Found property is held for 90 days, with the exception of bikes which are held for 30 days, while the police and Property Branch staff attempt to locate and notify owners.  Unclaimed property is auctioned, destroyed, or donated once the holding period has expired. Lost or stolen property should be reported to police, prior to contacting the Property Branch.

Property seized as evidence will not be released without the permission of the investigating officer.

Link:  Police Auctions Canada