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Policing in Shelburne

Policing is about working with people to ensure public safety through crime prevention, law enforcement, assistance to victims, public order maintenance and emergency response. It’s also about building relationships in the community and making a difference in the lives of people. Working as a Shelburne Police officer demands many skills, both physical and mental. It’s much more than a job – it’s a rewarding career and lifestyle choice.

Only applicants possessing a valid Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police Certificate of Results or previous Ontario policing experience will be considered. Any inquiries regarding the certification process should be directed to: APPLICANT TESTING SERVICE INC. (ATS) at 1-800-429-7728. Their website can be viewed at

The Shelburne Police Service is particularly interested in candidates who possess the skills required for policing in the 21st century. Candidates who possess integrity, are accountable and demonstrate a commitment to the community we serve, continuing education and self improvement.

Applicants must meet minimum requirements as outlined in the Police Services Act (Canadian Citizen or permanent resident of Canada, at least 18 years of age, physically fit and mentally able to carry out duties of a Police Constable, successfully completed four years of secondary school education or its equivalent); provide proof of valid First Aid and CPR and a valid driver’s license with full driving privileges.

Shelburne Police Service is committed to the principles of Equal Opportunity Employment

Shelburne Police Service Recruitment