Shelburne Police Pleased With Results Of Public Survey

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Shelburne Police Pleased With Results Of Public Survey

In the fall of 2016, a survey on policing in was distributed to all the households and businesses in the Town of Shelburne.  The survey was prepared and tallied by CCI Research Inc., and the results have been published.

“We are very pleased with the results of this survey.  It clearly shows the community overall has confidence in the Shelburne Police Service, they feel the officers are courteous and professional, and they feel safe in their neighborhoods”, states Chief Moore.

Chief Moore further commented, “This survey is an important tool which will assist us in preparing our 2017-2019 Business Plan.  The Business Plan will assist us to continue to deliver effective, efficient policing to the citizens of Shelburne”.

The results indicate that 97% of the residents feel very safe or reasonably safe in their neighborhoods.

Of the respondents who indicated that they had contact with a Shelburne Police officer in the past three years, 95% said that the officer was courteous, and 96% said that the officer was professional.

Of the respondents who indicated that they were a victim of a crime in the past three years, 86% felt the Shelburne Police handled the matter in a competent and professional manner.

Overall 94% of the respondents rated the Shelburne Police from excellent to adequate.  Only 6% rated the service as poor or very poor.

The police functions that the respondents felt were most important (over 80%) for the police to focus on are bicycle patrols, frauds and scams, youth crime, drug enforcement, traffic enforcement, and foot patrols.

When asked if Shelburne Police does a good job, average job, or poor job in certain tasks, the respondents indicated that the service does an overall good and average job on the following tasks: 91% providing a visible presence, 88% enforcing the law, 87% being approachable and easy to talk to, 83% keeping order in neighborhood streets, 82% enforcing traffic issues, 81% community relations, and 81% providing information.

78% responded yes to: “Is it important to you that the Shelburne Police Service continue to police our community rather than another police service?”

“We are grateful for the participation and support from the community and look forward to continuing this positive relationship as we move forward”, states Chief Moore.

The detailed results prepared by CCI Research are available to be viewed on the Shelburne Police website:


2016 Public Survey on Policing