Violent Crime Down 16.2% in Shelburne in 2016: Statistics Canada

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Violent Crime Down 16.2% in Shelburne in 2016: Statistics Canada

Violent crime in the Shelburne was down 16.2 % in 2016 from 2015, according Statistics Canada.

The government agency released its annual national reported crime statistics report on July 24th.  The report which contained the Crime Severity index (CSI) and Weighted Clearance Rate values was mostly good news for the Shelburne Police Service.

According to Statistics Canada the Crime Severity Index is “a measure of police-reported crime that reflects the relative seriousness of individual offences and tracks changes in crime severity”. It was first introduced in 2009 and includes three Crime Severity Indexes: one for overall crime, one for violent crime and one for non-violent crime.

The Weighted Clearance rate provides a meaningful comparative measure of clearance rates among police services. It gives credit for cleared cases but also rates the severity of the crime solved.  For example, the clearing of an attempt homicide or robbery would represent a greater contribution to the overall weighted clearance rate value than a shoplifting or mischief.

Violent crimes are crimes against another person, as opposed to property crimes. Shelburne’s crime severity index for violent crime was 38.0 compared to the national average sitting at 75.3.  The weighted clearance rate was 96.0 which is well above the provincial and national average.

Shelburne’s crime severity index is also well below the provincial and national average, sitting at 38.0. The provincial average is 52.7 and the national average is 71.0.

The crime severity index for non-violent crime saw an increase from 2015 at 30.5 to 38.7 for 2016. This increase can mainly be attributed to thefts from unlocked motor vehicles and vandalism.  Shelburne’s 2016 weighted clearance rate for non-violent crime was 64.1 which is the highest of all Municipal police services in Ontario with a population between 5000 and 15,000.

“As Chief of Police I want to continue to encourage our residents to report crime when it happens and to work with us in preventing crimes such as thefts from unlocked motor vehicles, sheds and garages”. “As a police service we are very fortunate to have great community support and we look forward to building upon this as we move forward”, said Chief Moore.

Here is a look at the Provincial Crime Severity Index:

CSI – Overall – 52.7

CSI – Violent Crime – 63.6

CSI – Non-Violent Crime – 48.6