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Vulnerable Person:
A Vulnerable Person is a person who, that due to a physical or developmental disability may be prevented from communicating in a clear and intelligible manner when they interact with the police. Vulnerable Persons include, persons but are not limited to, persons with: Autism, Alzheimers, physical or developed mental learning disabilities etc.

What is the Vulnerable Person Registry?
The Registry for Vulnerable People is a Shelburne Police Service initiative to identify members of the community who may come into contact with the Police Service that are vulnerable due to a physical or mental condition they have. The registry promotes communication and gives police quick access to critical information about a registered vulnerable person. The Registry can provide police with emergency contact information, detailed physical descriptions, known routines, favourite attractions or special needs of the vulnerable individual. This information can assist officers in communicating with, attending a residence of or dealing with an emergency involving a vulnerable individual.

Goal of the Program:
The goal of the program is to give police quick access to critical information about a registered vulnerable individual in the community in an emergency situation.

How it works:
Once completed bring the registration form to our police station. You will receive a confirmation letter with a personal identification number for the individual within two weeks of submission.

Click here to download a printable Vulnerable Person Registration Form.

Register Annually:
Annual registration is required to keep your form active. It is the responsibility of the vulnerable person or the guardian to resubmit the form.
This information is also available at our Police Station.
It is very important to complete each section of this form and attach a latest photo of the individual when submitting the form.